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Sunday, December 28, 2008

"People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals & HSUS wanted Jasmine dead"

This is Jasmine, one of the 51 horribly abused pit bulls owned by notorious Michael Vick, former NFL quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, who was the highest paid player in the NFL at the time of his arrest. Now he's just a common criminal who was ordered to pay almost a million dollars for the care and treatment of these unfortunate dogs. Hah! Take that you idiot! But that's not my favorite part of the story. It actually gets even better than that.

Jasmine is on the cover of this week's Sports Illustrated with an accompanying article that quotes Dan Shannon of PETA as saying "The cruelty they've (Vick's dogs) suffered is such that they can't lead what anyone who loves dogs would consider a normal life. We feel it's better that they have their suffering ended once and for all." The article attributes this kernal of absolute stupidity to the hallowed Humane Society of America. "The Humane Society of the U.S., agreeing with PETA, took the position that Michael Vick's pit bulls, like all dogs saved from fight rings, were beyond rehabilitation and that trying to save them was a misappropriation of time and money." Does it get any more selfish than that? It's not as if anyone was asking PETA or HSUS to offer up any of their millions to save a few unfortunates. Oh, wait a minute....I thought that's why those organizations existed. Hey, Pamela Anderson! PETA wants to kill, not 1, but 47 dogs!

Of the survivors, 14 have already been placed in permanent homes and there's hope that another 17 will be eventually adopted. To see what a happy ending looks like, click here. This is like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one. Dogs are rescued, PETA gets a huge black eye while showing us it's evil underbelly, and the self righteous Humane Society gets taken down right along beside it! SI even admitted they made a mistake when they thrust the unwitting Pit Bull into popularity, and the wrong hands, with a 1997 article titled "Beware of this Dog." Add this together with the fact that Michael Vick, a big time evil doer, is pictured in the article being carted off in chains, and I ask you; does it get any better than this?


  1. No, it doesn't get any better than this...THANK YOU for posting this.

  2. You are so welcome Debbie. I assure you that the pleasure was all mine!

  3. Thank you so much for posting this, Amelia. I just saw an episode of "Dog Town" the other night, where that outfit in Utah took in something like 20 of those Michael Vicks dogs. Three of the dogs highlighted on the show were supposed "incorrigables," including one poor bitch who'd had her *teeth* removed, so they could more easily force breed her! Yet the people at Dog Town, with love and care and persistance, brought her around to a beautiful, balanced animal. Another was a "bait dog" so brutalised and shut down he didn't even know what affection was. But again, time and love saved him.

    The do-godders are sometimes total idiots.
    Best regard,

    Gloria from the Kensmuir forum