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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thrown from a 6-story Roof

Oreo, post-op at the ASPCA Bergh Animal Hospital
I know why I relate these stories on this blog. It is my sincere wish that readers will be moved to make a donation to the ASPCA as a result of the stories related here, but doing so breaks my heart. Look at this beautiful dog. Her soft brown eyes and silky chocolate coat make a sharp contrast to her mutilitated front legs, and it is just so incredibly sad to learn about her fate. She was beaten then thrown from the roof of a 6-story housing project. Massive internal bleeding was staunched, her legs have been reconstructed with pins and plates and screws and she is beginning what is expected to be a long and grueling recovery.

Unlike PETA, and others like them, the ASPCA physically helps animals directly. They do something with the money they receive that truly benefits animals. They don't preach a specific agenda beyond that simple premise, and they need our help, because there's lots and lots of it needed out there. A 19 year old man perpetrated this unconscionable act of vicious abuse and is being held on $50,000 bail after pleading not guilty. He faces up to 2 years in prison. In my estimation, it's not nearly enough by a wide margin.

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