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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Do these look like scary, killer dogs to you?

Read all about it in a story by Jenny Yuen for the
Ontario Sun Newspaper, but here's the gist of it. 2 dogs named Brittany and Rambo, were seized on January 13th by the City of Brampton, Ontario, Canada, on the assumption that they are pit bulls, and scheduled to be killed as a result. Neither dog has ever committed an act of aggression against anyone or anything, escaped from their yard, had a complaint filed against them, and both are licensed. Yet both have been ripped from loving homes and owners who are scared to death for the lives of their pets.

42 year old Joseph Branco and Maria Gaspar, a 75 year old woman, own the imprisoned pets and have been disallowed from visiting them since their incarceration. Both dogs are scheduled to be killed because of mis-guided breed specific legislation that has banned pit bulls in the Province since 2005.

The families say veterinary records show that the dogs are 75% boxer and 25% American bulldog. Brampton Animal Services said it had a right to remove the dogs, because Tyson, the father of the two-year-old siblings, was registered as a restricted pit bull in 2008 and was not allowed to breed.

Branco made arrangements with the city for his vet to inspect the condition of the dogs, but after agreeing, the city re-canted and gave no reason. Deputy City Solicitor, Kelly Yerxa had this to say in a letter faxed to Branco's attorney: “Unfortunately, we cannot agree to the examination at this time, however ... we are having the city’s vet examine the dogs and that vet’s report will be provided to you. The dogs are being well cared for by Animal Control staff.”

Branco filed a complaint with the Ontario SPCA and plans to take legal action. Gaspar calls him 3 times a day for news. I am re-thinking my stand on non-violent activism.

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