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Friday, May 20, 2011

"Girl in Translation"


I read this book, then I reviewed it for the Book Club of the BlogHer Network to which I belong. I don't know if they count, but except for book reports in grade school, this was my first review, and I thoroughly enjoyed the process of writing and then interpreting my feelings. I wanted to be honest, and fair, and accurate, and unafraid to disseminate what I didn't like as well as what I did. Will you read the review and let me know if I accomplished any of that? I'd love for you to critique my critique.

As for the book, 99% of it is a riveting tale, and I enjoyed it immensely. It made me ponder, consider, and day dream. All good, depending on whether you have the time. Although, I think you should always find room for a good day dream now and then.

Semi-autobiographical, this is the story of Chinese immigration the hard way told with grit and nuance that only one who survived the ordeal could possibly possess. The author, Jean Kwok, made me feel what she felt through Ah-Kim, her 12 year old main character, and that's no easy feat. The woman can write.

And you can read, so please do. My review, first, and then the book. It is a story well worth the price of admission.

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