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Monday, March 12, 2007

United States Border Collie Handler's Association

The United States Border Collie Handler's Association is the governing body that sanctions International Sheepdog Society Style sheepdog trials all over the US and Canada. There is a board of directors and the current president is Herbert Holmes from Sanderson, Texas.
The main job of the association, or HA as members call it, is to put on the national finals, which is in Gettysburg, PA this year. The association is small, about 600 members, and has a budget barely large enough to accomplish that task. If it were not for the local trial committess who host the national finals each year, there wouldn't be one.
I find it unfortunate that the handler's association isn't growing at the same rate as the sport. 2 of the biggest sheepdog trials in the country recently filled to overflowing on the first day that entries were open. Over 200 entries were sent to each trial. The Meeker Sheepdog Championship runs 130 dogs over 3 days, then takes 50 dogs into the semi-finals and 10 into the double lift final. The Bluegrass Sheepdog Trial accepts 120 entries and based on cumulative scores over 2 runs, takes the top 20 into the double lift final. I hope all of these handlers are members of the HA, but i'll bet they're not. For information about the Meeker Classic,
click here. To learn more about the Bluegrass Classic Sheepdog Trial, please click here.
It's a small association, but provides many services besides putting on the finals. They keep track of nursery and open points accumulated throughout the year and they post a list of all sanctioned trials around the country and Canada. By joining the HA you are supporting and promoting the American working Border Collie and helping put on the national finals. To join the handler's association, for more information, to find dog trials and to see who has points, click here.

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