The Real Time Canine II

After spending 2 years writing the Real Time Canine, the adventure continues with The Real Time Canine II. Read along as I look for just the right puppy to continue the experience. After false starts with Tim and Jed, I am currently training young Tam, and Spot, which are both off to a strong start. Please visit the RTC II to read about training sessions as they occur.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I love this dog

Moe is so much fun to train and hang with. He's attentive and really just wants to please me, but with an unquenchable desire for sheep. It's a beautiful thing to watch this young dog gather stock. He's the stealth bomber leaving my feet in a rush and covering the ground low and fast with huge, quick strides. You expect him to turn into his stock and just bowl them over, but he gathers himself up at the top, thinks about it, then carefully guides them down the field. His enthusiasm is boundless and on the mornings when it's his turn to put the sheep out, after completing the job, he bounces around as if to say "Did you see that? Wasn't I great?" And he was, of course.
At 16 months, Moe has just begun competing in nursery, while next year is really his nursery year. If my dogs can take the training pressure, I like to have them competing for 2 years in nursery and in open by their second nursery year. After a false start early on, Moe has taken to training very well and is completely trained to nursery level. All he needs now is experience. His outrun is as big as I want. Even when he can't see his sheep, he'll happily take re-directs to get there. He's so willing and a very good listener. His boldness suggests that he'd fight you on direction, but I can whisper to this dog and get what I want. That's a wonderful thing.
When I look at Moe's pedigree, it's easy to see where he gets it. His father and maternal grandfather are International Supreme Champions, while his mother and maternal grandmother are Canadian National Champions. His cousin, Bart, was the 2005 US National Champion and another cousin, Elizabeth Baker's Rye, has been tremendously successful around the US trial circuit. Moe is royally bred and I anticipate no less from him. I believe he has what it takes.

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