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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Spalangia cameroni

The tiny fly predator on the left in the picture above is shown at twice it's normal size, but this miniscule insect is a killing machine. The title of this post is one of many fly parasitoid species that spend their entire life cycle on or near manure ... and I just love 'em, because they are nature's own enemy of all pest flies. They eat them in the cocoon stage and while they don't eliminate flys completely, they dramatically reduce their number.
I used them last year for the first time. I still had flies around my horse pen, but where I noticed it the most was inside my house. I had far fewer there than ever before. I buy mine from Spalding Labs. I have a standing order, which is delivered to my mailbox from April through September for about $15 per month. They are delivered in this bag and I sprinkle them around my horse pen after they hatch and I see most of them crawling around inside the bag. They work great and I highly recommend them. They're easy to use, convenient to receive, I never see them after they are released and I don't use have to use chemicals any more.
Spalding Labs - Fly Control

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  1. I always wondered how well they worked, now I have some first hand experience.