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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What's wrong with this picture?

This is an AKC registered border collie with these certifications; ROM, CGC, HIC, which is AKC nonsense for a a bunch of meaningless titles that any inbred freak could aquire with half his brain tied behind his back, assuming he had any to spare, which he probably doesn't. This is what his professional breeder and conformation, AKC-showing owner/handler has to say about him:

"S***** is my foundation for my breeding program. He is truly a once in a lifetime dog! He was bred by H***** F********** of Border**** Kennel in Australia. S***** has proven himself in the United States and will go down in border collie history. He has been among the top producing stud dogs in the United States the last 3 years. He has produced many champions, and border collies that are versatile and can do it all. S***** has a wonderful temperment, sound structure and is a gorgeous dog. He produces color - gold, chocolate, and black. S***** is everything I want in a border collie!
S***** was neutered June 2007 due to perienel hernias. I had to neuter him to avoid multiple problems and future hernias. After 2 very costly surgery's he has made a full recovery and will now enjoy his retirement. I am so proud of everything he as accomplished and look forward to his offspring contributing to the breed as much as he has! "

The foundation of her breeding program is based on a dog that she readily admits has "multiple problems." I find this so disconcerting that I don't even know how to adequately express it. He has been a top-producing US stud dog with many champions to his credit. I find this catastrophic and ruinous to the border collie breed. The fact that she claims he has sound structure discounts anything she could ever say or do from that point on. From the many champions this dog has produced, how many do you suppose have hernias and multiple problems? And how many owners of those dogs knowingly bred his progeny because their color was gorgeous? And how many of those doomed progeny underwent very costly surgeries? You get my point, but like I said, catastrophic and ruinous.
Here's another good example of why her breeding practices are ruinous. I'm only assuming, but since she is so utterly kennel-blind, it's more than likely that she is at least equally stable-blind too. This is a mare, a pretty paint mare, pretty girl, pretty dog, right? So what's wrong with this picture? Look at this mare's legs from the knees down. People, a horse leg is supposed to be straight, not splayed like a 3-legged stool. And the feet turning out doesn't make it easier for her to go either way, it makes it harder for her to go forward. Now, I have no idea whether the woman has bred this mare, but since she has demonstrated such utter, self-centered disregard with her top-producing, foundation, stud dog, let's just assume for the sake of conversation that she has. More disaster and ruin. More animals that will more than likely endure inevitable pain, suffering, injuries and costly verterinary care.

If you want to imagine a glaring example of "multiple problems" just try imagining actually using this mare for 1 day to gather wild cattle in rough country. I promise you that her resulting inability to propel herself forward would bring tears to your eyes.

You kill a snake by cutting off it's head. If such naivete' exhibited by this woman's breeding practices is the snake, then the AKC is the head. With their whimsical, mercurial and arbitrary "breed standards" that have not a wit of basis in functon, they have created the perfect storm in which dogs are being swept under by the millions with chronic disease, pain and suffering.

The one and only thing that AKC registration means is that the parents were also registered, but with fraud increasing rampantly hand-in-hand with the proliferation of torture chambers, I mean puppy mills, this is far, far from guaranteed. It does not mean the dog is sound. It does not mean the dog is healthy. It does not mean the dog comes from a reputable breeder or even one who knows what they are doing, or cares. In fact, just the opposite is more probable. I once saw an AKC-registered Golden Retriever puppy bred from, not working, but champion conformation lines. His parents were both conformation champions and he was all but completely unable to walk from inherited hip and shoulder dysplasia in all 4 limbs. It is when I began referring to the AKC as it is known in working dog circles; "The evil empire."


  1. first of all she needs to learn to spell it correctly. It is "perineal" not "perienel". That sounds picky, but if you want to sound like an expert, learn to spell the terms that go with your expertise.

    Are these hernias genetic? I could not find any conclusive information about it. It seemed to me to be more hormonal stemming from enlarged prostate and the straining due to that.

    I too wondered about "multiple problems". That's pretty generic....are they temperament? HD? What?

    I agree about the mare. Those legs are a disaster.

  2. Hi Holly, I don't pretend to be a veterinary expert and didn't research the type of hernia her dog had, so I didn't catch the spelling. It is my layman's understanding though that hernias can be hereditary.

  3. To "avoid multiple problems" is most likely in reference to the perineal hernia. It is strongly recommended that the dog be neutered at the time of surgery if it is intact, as the risk of recurrence of the hernia is increased in intact male dogs.
    I don't think it was necessary to "single-out" a particular breeder and dog to get your point across. I think ALL of us with working collies get the picture "without" the blog. It appeared to me to be rather pathetically mean. Harboring such negative energy can't be good for the soul. Suzanne

  4. Hi Suzanne. I created this post after learning about the latest round of puppy mill confiscations where hundreds more dogs were found living and dieing in filth and neglect. This breeder has made her breeding program public via the internet and is therefore open to comment and critisism, just like mine. I'm OK with that and the condition of my soul. The post was not just for those knowledgable about the working border collie, it was for anyone who cares about dogs. AKC registration is disastrous and ruinous for all dog breeds because it is based on the whimsy, conceit and greed of the organization and has no basis what so ever on the health and well being of dogs. Breeders, like the ones highlighted in my post, are clear evidence of that fact, and that is my point.