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After spending 2 years writing the Real Time Canine, the adventure continues with The Real Time Canine II. Read along as I look for just the right puppy to continue the experience. After false starts with Tim and Jed, I am currently training young Tam, and Spot, which are both off to a strong start. Please visit the RTC II to read about training sessions as they occur.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kensmuir Star, the movie

It's been a year already. Can you believe it? I traveled to San Diego Airport on November 23, 2008 and picked up my little Star man. At 10 weeks old, my little wiggle-butt, seal-boy, funny man and prospect-in-training was sent to me all the way from Kensmuir Working Stockdog Center in River Falls, Wisconsin. I removed him from his crate, picked him up, snapped on a collar and leash, and his training began immediately. "Why wait?" That's what I always say. Well that and "it's nap time." Kidding...I'm kidding! All of a sudden it is 1 year later, he is fully trained to nursery level, entered in his first dog trial and on injured reserve with a puffy ankle and a limp. Oh well, I have plenty of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, otherwise known as Derramax, on hand and nothing but time to wait for him to heal...while I have a nap, or a beer, or a visit to crazy-ville...again.

My friend made you a movie. Yes, it's for you. It stars Star. Stars, Star? Yes well he now prefers to be called Movie-Star after starring, (Star, starring?) in his first ever video that you can only view here. Don't bother with VH1, MTV or the Reelz Channel, it's only here and it's only for you. Well, unless you count YouTube and the unwashed masses, I mean world-wide audience who have access to that.

Many thanks to my friend, Jan who valiantly schlepped all over Valley Center, filming on location, standing where I asked, filming what I wanted and editing over the teeth-jarring sounds of Dexter yapping in the background using hauntingly beautiful Celtic music that she just happened to have in her collection. Next time Jan, could you just please edit out Dexie?

This video is in celebration of Kensmuir Star's first year in training. It demonstrates how much he has learned and how far he has come. He's a pretty good boy. So pull up your favorite chair, put your feet on the coffee table like I do, put your lap-top, well...on your lap, and enjoy.

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  1. What a great video. It's a great adventure to be a part of it in your weekly stories. Well worth the read and the subscription

  2. Congratulations Amelia, Star and the RTC on your first anniversary! GREAT video... how wonderful to have a friend like Jan to make such a cool video for you. It's fun to see Star man in action, and also to see your place there. Beautiful!

  3. SUPER-STAR! you must be so pleased with him. great video. we just found your blog. i've brought my guys to herding instinct tests and they do very well -- alas, no sheep. we'll find a place for them to work. the mother and son did very well so you may see some blue dogs out there soon.

  4. theBuster - Nice to hear from you. Please contact me any time to see about bringing your dogs out. You're always welcome.