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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gotcha...Sort of...Finally!

Finally, the Humane Society of the United States and it's cabal of attorneys have had their curly tails exposed. A Federal Judge dismissed their lawsuit against Ringling Bros. Circus over a pay-to-play conspiracy involving HSUS executive Michael Markarian and payments to a witness in Federal Court totaling over $190,000 of donor money. Uh-Huh, that's right... animal rights groups funneled money to a Federal Court witness using tax-exempt organizations like HSUS, Fund for Animals, and the Wildlife Advocacy Project as the bag man.

This is what Judge Sullivan wrote:
“The Court finds that Mr. Rider is essentially a paid plaintiff and fact witness who is not credible, and therefore affords no weight to his testimony…. The primary purpose [for the payments] is to keep Mr. Rider involved with the litigation.”

Filed in 2000, the lawsuit purported that Ringling Bros mistreated their elephants violating the Endangered Species Act based on information provided by a former elephant "barn helper" named Tom Rider who worked 2 years for the circus in the late 1990s. Judge Sullivan wrote in his decision to dismiss the lawsuit that the $190,000 paid to Mr. Rider was "his sole source of income" as the case made its' way through Federal Court. Judge Sullivan also exposed the fact that there were express communications between the HSUS, other animal right's groups and their legal counsel suggesting that money used to support Rider should be funneled through the Wildlife Advocacy Project so that it would be tax deductible.

Please repeat after me: "Revoke their 501c3 tax-exempt status for money-laundering."

Then it got even better. Ever hear of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act? It's also known as RICO, and is the basis for the latest round of legal arm wrestling, only this time the HSUS, 2 of its' attorneys and several other animal rights organizations are on the receiving end of a Ringling Bros lawsuit.

An HSUS watchdog group called had this to say in a February, 2010 press release: “America’s farmers, ranchers, hunters, fishermen, research scientists, fashion designers, and restaurateurs have seen for decades how the animal rights movement can behave like a mobbed-up racket,” said CCF [Center for Consumer Freedom] Director of Research David Martosko. “But it’s still shocking to see the evidence laid out on paper. In a treble-damage lawsuit like this, a jury could actually do the humane thing and finally put HSUS out of business completely.”

Honestly, it couldn't happen to a more devious, sinister, misguided and duplicitous bunch, and it is LONG overdue.

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