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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cetyl M Recall

A friend sent me this link because she knew I was giving Cetyl M to my dogs. There has been a recall of 2 lots because of a salmonella contamination in a plant that produces an additive in the product.

I had an affected lot and Response Products, the company that produces Cetyl M, is sending a replacement bottle. They did not give me any run around at all, and were very nice about it. I was told that none of the product returned to them so far has tested positive for salmonella.

Cetyl M has worked beautifully for me. Price went from packing a hind leg before warming out of it, to being completely sound in about a week. I did notice he had very squirty diarrhea for a couple days about a week ago, but it was a couple weeks after I started giving him Cetyl M, so I don't think the two are connected. The recall states that humans handling the product are also at risk.

To learn more about how and why Cetyl M works, please click here.

Thought you should know.
4/19 update. I received a replacement bottle of Cetyl-M in today's mail. No charge, and they included a postage-paid mailing label so that I can return the unused portion of my original bottle. Nice people. Good product.

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