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Thursday, May 27, 2010

A different angle

My friend, Caron, stopped by the other day. She was competing with her whippets in a dog show at Bates Nut Farm, near where I live, and came by afterward to watch my dogs work on her way home to Indio, CA. The weather was so cold, but it didn't deter 2 old friends from visiting under the lights on the back porch about life, love and horses for hours and hours. Caron and I started riding around the same time, at the Maybee Ranch when we were very little girls. While we had bumped into each other occasionally at horse shows, it was this visit that cemented a friendship that began more years ago than I am willing to divulge.

Did I say it was cold? It was so cold, and Caron's whippets are equally as thin coated as Dexie, shown here wearing a hand-knitted sweater made by Susan, the loving woman who fostered him for the
Internet Miniature Pinscher Service before I adopted him. Dexie wore this sweater to the dog show that day, and Caron's whippet, Will, wore the slickest, belted, fleece dog cover I have seen. Clearly, both Caron and I have an affinity for kewl dog apparel.

If you have horses, you may know what a
cooler looks like. It's a very thin blanket, or sheet that can be used to keep your horse warm on a cold day after he has worked up a sweat in the show ring, let's say. It prevents them from catching a chill, and helps wick moisture away from their bodies while they dry off and cool out. It is exactly what Will's cover looked like. I set about searching for one and I started at, a bottomless site with everything, and I mean everything you could ever need for a small animal.

During our visit, Caron got to know Dexie a little bit, and made the comment that she might like a little dog like him. Then she let slip what lay behind the comment. This was her angle on it, one that had never occurred to me; "and you can dress them." Right, it's irresistible really. He's so little, he's so cute, he wears his clothes so well, and seems to appreciate them a lot when it's cold. There could be a joint shopping trip in our future, if Caron follows through with a Min Pin acquisition, except that it's so much easier to shop online for
dog clothes.

We had so much fun on that day, and have planned for a reunion with more of our old friends this June. It's such a small world at times, and with the aid of social networking sites, it's amazing who you can find. There's this huge web of possibilities out there, people to re-connect with, and friendships to renew. In the meantime I'm going to be looking for a fleece dog cooler like Will's, only we'll need an X-small please.

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