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Friday, September 24, 2010

ASPCA National Adoptions Database

The ASPCA now has available a creative pet-finder application that includes a searchable database of dogs and cats in shelters around the country. Previously, you couldvisit their site, and search for a pet in the New York City headquarters of this country's oldest animal cruelty prevention organization. Now you just put in your zip code, breed of interest, and search a little closer to home. Go...check it out.

6 year old Ellie in Missouri

The new feature is the good news. The bad news is that when I clicked on it, I saw 556 pages with 6 animals per page...and that was just the dogs. The other bad news is that these redeemable, lovable creatures represent just a smattering of the abandoned, at-risk dogs and cats existing nationwide. Need more reasons to adopt? Here's some: Top 10 reasons to adopt an older dog

Why do people continue to breed dogs and cats? I'll tell you why; greed, arrogance, selfishness, ignorance and denial. That's why! You can also click here and read about the latest puppy mill rescue by the ASPCA made in the state of Missouri, home to more than 3,000 USDA registered, commercial breeders and some of the most flagrant cases of animal cruelty and abuse. The ASPCA claims that 40% of all dogs sold in pet stores nationwide are bred in Missouri. Click here...have a look, and see where your next puppy store or internet-purchased puppy will come from. And then consider that 30% of the approximate 3,000,000 homeless dogs killed in this country each and every year are purebred. The only thing AKC registration guarantees you is that, by your purchase, you have willingly and knowingly aided and abetted animal cruelty and suffering just like that organization does with each and every registration certificate.

Missouri's sobriquet is "Show me." It should be changed to "Stop it!" Stop the madness, people...

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