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Saturday, October 9, 2010

110 Years of Decline

Breeding to an arbitrary, whimsical, and purposeless standard, the dog fancy has reduced the German Shepherd dog to a roach-backed, displastic, inbred, freak. Have a look, then please do what you can to stop the madness.


  1. the very sad part of this video is that these are the German bred dogs. The AKC lines are even more damaged than these dogs. WHAT are people thinking??? It was very difficult to stay with this video to the end.

  2. Difficult, Yes Michelle. I couldn't agree more.

  3. Wow. How horribly eye-opening. It's bizarre to watch that graceful, elegant dog evolve into the longer back, the longer stifle, the shorter hocks, the heavier body, the proportions getting stranger and stranger as they go. Then the topline starts changing, the rear end start sinking, the tail sags to hang in an un-animated droop ... The final dogs look like something that survived a car accident. Barely.

    How could anyone in their right mind think this evolution is a good thing? GAH! It's sickening and saddening to watch.

    Thanks for sharing this, Amelia.
    Cheers ~


  4. Certainly this is a harsh lesson as to why we have to sustain other breeds in their healthy sturdy and intelligent forms rather than having them bred for fancy "looks".. My concern, of course, is for the Border Collies, but surely there are other breeds that are being tampered with also..
    Janet Koehler