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Monday, June 6, 2011

Sentiment v Corian

My friend, Stephanie Summers who owns a fab little sheepdog store called Operation Sheepdog Herding sent me the Corian shepherd's whistle on the left in the photo above to try out and give a review. Hey, Steph, thanks. I'll review your wares anytime. Last time she sent me one of those kewl graphite stock sticks that I just love. So hardy, lightweight and easy to flick about if that's in your repertoire.

Oh, so what did I think about the Corian whistle? First a story.

I have a close friend, named Fred, who I've known for a very long time. About 315 dog years. He was married to Leslie, a girl I grew up with, and just like anybody who ever met her, Fred and I loved Leslie with all our hearts. She was one of those special people who are filled with light and love. A beautiful, willowy blonde who was just as pretty on the inside.

Fred and Leslie were in the cattle business, Leslie trained horses, and Fred shod them. Leslie had discovered sheepdogs long before I did, and was out in the pasture working hers one day. At the tender age of not quite 30 Les simply laid down and died for no reason that the doctors could discover, and the whistle on the right had been Fred's gift to his wife before she died. The Rockin' FL brand has been Fred's forever. Can you imagine the sentimental value it has for me? I hope so, because I could never find the words to truly convey it to you. When you see me at a dog trial, it will be Leslie's whistle around my neck, for luck and in her memory.

Sorry, whistles, and remembering Leslie go hand in hand for me.

Now, the Corian...I worked a student's dog with it today, which was a good test, because Buff is unfamiliar to me, so I have to be more deliberate. I focus on which whistle command is which, and try harder to duplicate those of his previous owner. What I discovered with the Corian is that it has a big sound. It carries well, and was easy for me to modulate decibel and strength. It's lightweight too, and with that faux-granite finish, very pretty, which is always a plus. It comes in a multitude of colors. Honestly, you could pair it with an attractive lanyard, and have yourself quite a dog trialing fashion statement.

I didn't like it's size. It felt bulky and thick in my mouth, and I found the Corian to be slippery, which is problematic, especially when the action heats up. I can't tell you how many times I've nearly spit out a whistle having to physically hold it in place when I needed rapid-fire results. Just like every other whistle I've ever tried, I'm sure I would grow used to it over time. I will buy a lanyard for this one, and make it part of my collection. You can't have too many. I put them in my truck, in my RV, and have several hanging from my hall tree all from different materials, in different sizes and shapes. I recommend that you give the Corian a try. No two whistle-blowers are alike, and you know you need another...

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