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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Love New Mexico

Welcome to New Mexico
 You know how sometimes brides walk down the aisle on flower petals? In hollywood luminaries stride into the award shows on a red carpet? Well, that's how I felt yesterday traveling South from Carbondale to Mountainair, NM. Why you ask? Because I followed the storms. Amost the entire length of the 10 hour, 500 mile trip, I was preceded by a monsoon-type downpour. In other words, the roads were wet, the sun obscured by high, cooling clouds, but me and my truck stayed dry. It was heavenly. Well, at least as heavenly as a trip over 9,000' Battle Mtn. Summit, through every backwater Colorado and New Mexico town, and right through the middle of urban Santa Fe pulling a trailer can be. Hey, it could have been hot!

Only 31 entris here at the Free to Be Ranch Trial. Seems that more than a couple trial hosts are trying to last-minute qualify some dogs for the finals, and timed their attempts to coincide with this country trial. Some  stayed away that would otherwise have been here, so it's small, but still mighty. The outrun is 580 yards, and just what I was looking for in my continuing quest to prepare for the finals. Plus it's hot, then windy, then cloudy and stunning. I do love it here.

Irishman, Dennis Birchall, is judging. So, picture a consummate Irishman in the arid deserts of New Mexico...sporting a brand new cowboy hat. It looks good!

Star man was 4th on perfect outwork. *happy-sigh* Mirk had perfect outwork for the first time in a while and one of only a few that made the fetch panels. Unfortunately, it was downhill from there, and he gripped off after the drive-away. That dog is just a comedy of errors sometimes. Buff got lost on the outrun, but honestly, who wouldn't? There are acres and acres of pasture in which to go wrong. Check out this picture:

Welcome to Free to Be Ranch

And he wasn't alone. Some dogs, like him for instance, turned into the Energizer Bunny and just kept going and going. Let's see if he remembers the way tomorrow. The Macraes are here, Trisha and husband, and outclassed me and third place by a mere 15 and 10 points for 1st and 2nd place. Mrs. Macrae won this one, with Mr. moved to 2nd while cheering her on. Note to self; be grateful that they only beat you with one dog each.

I'm here for 3 days, 2 more opens, 6 more runs. Me with my failing RV batteries, and frustratingly slow I-net connection. Oh yeah, and the bugs, did I mention the bugs? I gave up last night while reading when some kind of soft-shelled, slow-flying beetle crashed into my pillow. Hey, it's better than a flat air mattress, right? Raise your hand if you remember those?

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