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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Road to Nicomodes Gulch

Bridget said it was a beautiful trip, and most of it was. I left Carbondale this morning about 9am deciding against precipitous, 12,000' Independence Pass, which limits vehicle length to 35', and narrows to 1 lane despite being part of the State highway system. Instead I grabbed I-70 from Glenwood Springs and shot across to the Eagle/Vail turnoff and the pass over Battle Mountain. 2 lanes, 30-40 mph, breathtaking scenery, and rivers running in what seemed like every direction.

Highway 285 is a designated "scenic byway" and rightfully named "Top of the Rockies." Surrounded by mountains on all sides with names like Notch and Princeton, they tower up more than 14,000. Driving through the towns of Minturn, Leadville, Saguache and Villa Springs was a step back in time with every old-timey storefront having been turned into something almost irresistable to drive past. Oh the antiques. Oy!

Once over the mountain, I dropped into high valley farm country, and we're talking really high here. Monte Vista, the site of my current dog trial, is almost 8,000' in elevation, but it's deceiving because it's a desert region. Where the huge pivot sprinklers stop the desert begins, and it's very reminiscent of Imperial Valley, CA in that way. Desert is a wonderful thing, just add water and grow anything.

So, here I am parked beside a fast-moving irrigation ditch a couple of feet deep. I imagine it's carrying water to thirsty alfalfa and potatoe crops growing in abundance around here. The trial field is a flat, green pasture and the camping is near-level and not far away. Nice site with pretty scenery, but the water brings trouble in the form of swarming mosquitos. I had a feeling what was in store when I spied our trial hostess, Tina, pronounced t eye na, sporting a hat-covering of mosquito netting. Her greeting of "the mosquitos are kind of bad this time of year," was a dead give-away anyway. No problem, I have Deet. Just hope I have enough.

Something to look forward to on the way home.

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