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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Horse-Ladies Who Lunch

Release Signing
The group responsible for the Susan G. Komen Foundation puts on bike races, foot races, walks, and any number of fund-raising activities in the good fight against breast cancer. I learned today that Ms. Komen's sister founded the effort in her name after she died from the disease at just 36 years of age. I gained that information at lunch today after a benefit trail ride near here.

On the Trail
Kit Strang, Bridget's mother, made a donation for she and a friend to ride, but the friend was unable to attend, so I was invited to come along. Routed through an up-scale subdivision of mostly ostentatious 2nd mountain-top homes on acreage, we ascended to 9,000' in elevation during the ride lasting 2 hours or so. The view from the top was breath-taking even though I had viewed it a couple weeks ago when I moved cattle with Max immediately next door on the ranch he manages. It was no less impressive the 2nd time around.

My Group, Sue, Rosemary, Laura and Kit
Carol Dopkin of mega-successful, Dopkin Real Estate, was our hostess for the event, and we were grouped into small bunches and set off on a staggered start. Good idea that, because there was every manner of horse, training and skill level involved. You wouldn't want to bunch 'em all together. We rode up through scrub oak, then Aspen trees, past some very impressive real estate that seemed to either be for sale, or shuttered. At one time the Strang family had leased the former ranch to graze cattle, and Kit was very familiar with it even though she hadn't been on it in years.

It's not often, (read never,) that I am included in a social event like this one, but I felt right at home. Maybe it's the mountain air, lack of oxygen, or the horse connection, but I found these beautiful people to be that way inside and out. We unsaddled after our ride, and walked to the Weiss family home where food was served on a patio overlooking 2 reflecting ponds, manicured gardens, lush hay meadows, and a signature view of Mt. Sopris. I rode for a good cause, and spent the day in grand style with nice people. How lucky am I?

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