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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Other People's Kids

Sebastian and Tristan
The truth is...from a distance, I love other people's little boys. Outside of my personal space, they are very cute, and take adorable pictures. I laugh easily at their antics and enjoy watching them play.

Today 2 women came to buy wool off my just-shorn ewes. Each one brought their son, pictured above. I have never been at ease around boys. Little girls talk, I can deal with that. Little boys want into everything, don't seem to have the slightest understanding of gentle or slow, and lose interest as fast as they can. It makes me uncomfortable and my discomfort rises with each passing moment they are near. They seem to feed on my anxiety, read it like Mikelson reads a green, and escalate their behavior accordingly.

It's awful! I have to move away.

Upon arriving, they wanted to pet my dogs, go to the bathroom, play tag with Dexter, take turns riding my horse, explore my garage and ride a sheep. I wanted their mothers to buy my wool, and like Thing 1 and Thing 2 in The Cat in the Hat, pack them up and take them away. I told them they could ride a sheep, because I knew that would involve unsuccessful chasing. My ewes are wary, not tame. They did their part.

But, here are the pictures. Aren't they adorable? Cherubic ittle boys frolicking in the sunshine with beautiful ovines. A light breeze blew, birds chirped, happy moms, it was perfect, right? So, what could be better? While I truly appreciate the visit, the purchase of my wool, and a chance to meet 2 really nice women, the answer for me is easy...solitude.

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