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Friday, July 13, 2012

On a Good Day

Here I am on a typical day. Stained jeans, (I think that's blood on my right thigh,) faded sweatshirt, tennies, bent up shepherd's whistle dangling from a horse-hair lanyard, dog on lead, unidentifiable crud caked in various places, foxtails protruding, and covered in dog hair. So when BlogHer selected me to write about their "looking your best" question, I lol'd...heartily. Could there be anything less appropriate for me to write about? Don't answer that.

The focus questions are; Have you ever asked for or given style advice to a friend or family member? How did it go? What are your best tips for having this delicate style conversation without creating hurt feelings?

Aside from the oft-repeated; "does this make me look fat/old/like I'm trying too hard?, I don't usually ask for style advice. I don't care what you think, unless I'm going to the store, then I put on a bra. Ok, OK, sometimes I put on a bra.

If I ever gave advice to a friend, I was probably lying with; "no, of course that doesn't make you look fat/old/like you're not trying hard enough, I mean too hard. After all, I'm usually attempting to look better by comparison.

I've never given style advice to a family member, except to my daughter. How did THAT go? Well, the short answer is we're still in the same family tree...grasping a limb for dear life, and sometimes to pummel one another. So, not, not well at all.

And now I'm supposed to give tips for having this delicate style conversation without creating hurt feelings? Here's my best tip: Lie, and tell them "no, of course that doesn't make you look fat/old/like a sack full of doorknobs. I mean come on, who am I to talk? The best way to describe my wardrobe is "barnyard chic." And that's on a good day. Ok, OK, on my best day.

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