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Monday, December 17, 2012

Mercedes Barkz

This is Mercedes. For 1,427 days, since January of  2009, she has been languishing in an animal shelter in Versailles, Kentucky. Long enough, don't you think? Mercedes is 5 years old, and has been institutionalized for most of her life.

Mercedes has 2 strikes against her. She's brindle, and she looks like a pit bull mix. Neither are easily adopted out. I don't know what she is, but I'm quite sure that you can't judge a book by it's cover. For what it's worth, the shelter says she's a pit bull/whippet mix and needs to be an only dog, which isn't likely helping her case. They state she is resource protective, which means she growls when other dogs threaten her toys. I say she needs to socialized and properly trained.

Oddly enough, Mercedes looks remarkably like a dog my daughter adopted that she named Levi. Brindle and a pit mix, the rescue was relieved to see Megan come along, I'm sure. Levi was a project, but love, commitment and perseverance overcame them all. Mostly it was love that brought him right. We need someone to love Mercedes too.

Woodford Humane Society says they have a 95% adoption rate. About this gorgeous girl they say there is nothing in her personality to warrant killing Mercedes. In fact, they state she is sufficiently well-adjusted to have avoided the stresses associated with long term habitation in their shelter environment.

Why have I posted about this dog? Because my friend, Stephanie asked me to, and because maybe I can help in some small way. I can't help them all, but maybe I maybe we can help Mercedes.

If you have room  for her in your heart, please contact the Humane Society. If not, blog about her yourself, post her on your Facebook, tell a friend. Let's save this one...just this one. Come on, just this one.

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