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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Here's Our Chance

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Finally! After years and years of so many of us spreading the word about the evil underbelly of the American Kennel Club, it has finally and definitively been exposed on national TV. This reporting is way over due but so welcome. As happy as I am about the Today Show airing this scathing condemnation of what may be the biggest sham put over on US dog-owning citizens ever, they did not go nearly far enough in their coverage. They did not make plain the single biggest reason why the AKC shamelessly supports and cultivates the success and proliferation of puppy mills. They do it for the money.
And let's never forget the horrific effect of whimsical & arbitrary AKC breed standards on dogs.
An AKC registered Dachsund with genetic maladies
With the popularization of rescue and adoption, fewer AKC puppies are being purchased, so fewer puppies are being produced, so fewer puppies are being registered. The AKC is hemorrhaging income, and they had to find a  way to stop the bleeding. It became part of their business plan to seek out and support commercial puppy suppliers, including the worst of the puppy millers, and line their pockets on the backs of unsuspecting buyers and suffering animals.
Ask yourself; "would I knowingly buy from a pet store that was supplied by a puppy mill who allowed animals to suffer?" 
Do you know the condition of the kennel where that AKC registered pet-shop puppy came from? Well, the AKC very well might, and they don't care if it was cruel and inhumane. THEY'RE ONLY INTERESTED IN THE MONEY!
Ever heard this phrase; "follow the money?"
In this video a representative of the AKC says it opposes all legislation regulating animals sales because "it's not how many dogs you own, it is the care of those animals that matters." When asked about the AKC protocol of "inspecting" kennels to insure that care, she ruefully admits they employ just 9 inspectors to cover the entire country.
When asked if she feels that number is sufficient, she replies with this non-answer; "it's the number we have." 
But having that paltry few inspectors on the payroll allows the AKC to trumpet to the suckers that they are insured of a healthy puppy from a reputable kennel because they inspect. 
It's not how efficient your inspection system that matters. It's how well you cover your ass!
Want to see where AKC registered puppies can come from? Here's an insider's look.
Are there good breeders who take exceptionally good care of the animals in their charge? Of course there are. That's not the story, but that's the well-rehearsed hue and cry of the AKC zombies. The real meat of this story is that the AKC overlooks, condones, inspects and approves the worst of the worst ones too! And they knowingly register their puppies FOR THE MONEY!!!
Are you detecting a theme here?
Upon the airing of this Today Show segment, the AKC put this on their website:
Their facts include such vague statements as; "when an AKC inspector finds substandard kennel conditions they must immediately report it" 
Define "substandard"
"there are no “AKC Registered Operations” or “AKC Registered Breeders” and that breeders use AKC services voluntarily." 
Because the breeders can get more money without any oversight of animal care.
And they go on to tell their minions:
"Please send your comments directly to the Producer of the Today Show Don Nash don.nash@nbcuni.comand the President of NBC News Phil Griffin"
"Watch the segment on the Today Show website and then go to Rossen Reports and to post your comments."
And I think that's a really good idea. I think that's exactly what we should do.
Let's make Jeff Rossen's reporting leave a mark. Finally! Here's our chance.

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