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Thursday, August 14, 2008

How's he coming?

Taddymoor Mirk is my second Welsh import and I've had him about a year now. In my experience, it takes about that long to really understand what you have after you import a new dog. It actually took 2 years with Lad, but Mirk is right on schedule and is just now coming into his own with me. Even though he went to work for me right away, his stoic personality belied the stress caused by all the changes. He let me know in his own way, though, by chewing all the feathers off his beautiful tail and some from his legs. They've all grown back now and he seems to have gotten past the problem.
He's a beautiful dog behind his sheep, always coming forward with a quiet, confident power and very light on his feet. He's humble about his confidence and is more than willing to take quiet whistles. After working on a Welsh hill farm for the first 3 years of his life, I had to square him up a bit and still have to remind him from time to time, but when he's right, he makes gorgeous sweeping turns with huge ground-covering strides.
Mirk's full brother, Taddymoor Cap, was Reserve Champion at the International Supreme in 2007, as was his father, Ben, in 2003, both owned and handled by Richard Millichap. Richard is qualified for the 2008 World Trial in Wales with Mirk's full brother and full sister, Taddymoor Cap and Taddymoor Jen.
This dog is a joy to live with as well. He loves to be brushed and will lay on his back with his head in my lap allowing me to turn him from side to side to get all the hard to reach spots.
Many thanks to Ann Croft for the beautiful pictures of my dog.

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