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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

AKC & The Stark Reality

In the September, 2008 AKC Chairman's Report, Mr. Ron Menaker makes the following assertions:

"The American Kennel Club faces enormous challenges in reversing the continuing decline in registrations. Today, we are losing market share at an alarming rate, especially in the retail sector. We are being challenged competitively and financially. The declining registrations and associated core revenues, if allowed to continue, will fundamentally change our organization going forward. Make no mistake, the very future of the AKC and our sport is at risk..."

"Management has been directed by the Board to aggressively pursue all dogs eligible for AKC registration. We intend to reach out, communicate, and educate those in the retail sector as to why an AKC puppy is the gold standard and why they should be registered with American Kennel Club. In achieving this objective we intend to continue to “raise the bar” by vigorously enforcing our policies. This action is essential to protect and preserve our leadership..."

"AKC used to dominate the marketplace. Even places like Macy’s and Gimbels sold AKC puppies. Many pet owners who bought these puppies, and I was one of them, tried their hand at showing and breeding. These owners who purchased their first purebred from a retail outlet, not only added to AKC’s registrations, but those who wanted to advance in the sport, then sought out fanciers to continue their journey."

The AKC solution for remaining in business is to promote registration from puppy mills. It has been well documented that breeding to their arbitrary standard causes disease, misery, suffering and painful death in dogs. So what could possibly be the purpose of this American dinosaur that makes it worthy of such a high price to dogs? The registry simply tracks parentage and does so with the sole purpose of accumulating wealth with resulting power, and delusional prestige.

While the AKC revels in excess, myopic selfishness, aggrandizement and deceit at the Westminister Dog Show, I see its evil underbelly and nothing more.

Please don't breed dogs while shelter pets die. Please make an informed decision about adoption before buying. Please make the effort to train your dog so that it may become a cherished family pet and find a loving, lifelong home.

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