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Monday, February 9, 2009

Does this look like a "Herding" Champion to you?

At the American Kennel Club's, Westminister Kennel Club Dog Show today, this breed of dog won the "herding" group. So, I went to the AKC website to read about its abilities as a working dog. What I found were 757 words used to describe the appearance of the Puli, also known as a Hungarian Water Dog. Not one, single word about the ability to complete a job, any job, let alone a job involving livestock. Here is the "breed standard" for just its head:

"The head is of medium size in proportion to the body. The almond shaped eyes are deep set, rather large, and dark brown with black or slate gray eye rims. The ears, set on somewhat higher than the level of the eyes, are hanging, of medium size, V-shape, and about half the head length. The skull slightly domed and medium broad. The stop is defined, but not abrupt. The muzzle is strong and straight, a third of the head length, and ends in a nose of good size. The nose is always black. Flews and gums are black or slate gray. Flews are tight. A full complement of teeth, comparatively large, meet in a scissors bite."

The commentator reported that the the "herding" group judge has over 40 years of experience with German Shepherds. Experience breeding them to a standard? If so, then experience completely unrelated to livestock led him to select this breed as a "herding" champion, and I personally wouldn't want him in the same building with one of my dogs, especially one as large and utterly grand as Madison Square Garden. If by simply glaring and strutting, that pompous fraud is able to determine whether the champion's "muzzle was a third of the head length," let alone capable of a full day's work, then I'm Mikhail Baryshnikov.

Ch Borderfame Signature, The Border Collie in today's competition, won't be going on to "best in show" because it didn't make the cut in the "herding" group. It didn't even place. Even though the commentator described it as the premiere "herding" dog, and the one that best "manipulates" livestock it was beaten by the Puli, a Bouvier des Flandres, Rough Collie and Old English Sheedog.

Clearly, the "herding group" has nothing whatsoever to do with tending livestock. It is readily apparent to me that the only things it does have to do with are money, deceit and self aggrandizement.


  1. Yes and AKC has added the Schnauzer and the Poodle to its "herding" dog list! Rock on!

  2. The emperor has no clothes