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Sunday, February 15, 2009

The "Gold Standard"

In an earlier post I quoted the AKC Chairman, Mr. Ron Menaker, from his 2008 Chairman's report, where he asserts that to stay in business, the AKC must reach out to the "retail sector" and advise them that AKC registered puppies are "the gold standard." I don't know, Mr. Menaker, these dogs don't look golden to me and there were 285 of them rescued by the ASPCA on February 11 from a Tennessee puppy mill, one of the operations that supply "the retail sector."
Here is a quote from the related story on the ASPCA website.
More than 285 small-breed dogs—including Boston and Jack Russell terriers, Pomeranians, shih tzus, Chihuahuas, poodles, miniature pinschers and schnauzers—were recovered from multiple buildings on the raided property. According to Dr. Merck, the dogs are suffering from a general lack of basic care, such as little to no food or water, feces-encrusted pens and lack of proper ventilation in enclosed areas. Conditions such as matting, sores, mange, poor teeth and abscesses are widespread. Dogs in critical condition were examined immediately on the scene and in the Mobile Animal CSI Unit, and those needing emergency care were transferred to local veterinarians who have volunteered their services.

Dog over population increases by 2000 puppies an hour in the US alone. It is widely reported that over 2 million dogs are killed in shelters each year as a result, and as many as 30% of them come from diabolical operations just like this one. When you support the AKC, you support the wretched suffering of dogs like these and I would like to suggest that you support the
ASPCA instead.

I will be donating money to the ASPCA from new subscriptions to The Real Time Canine received during the month of February. For as little ast $2.50 per month, you can help them care for dogs like these and get ideas to help yourself raise a great dog. If you choose not to subscribe, please visit the ASPCA website and make a donation directly to them with my thanks. That's what I did.

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