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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sunday Best

The liberal application of very expensive water does a great job of disguising it, but Southern California is a desert. We get something like 5 inches of rain per year on average. Not much by any standard, but we got some lately, so I took the dogs out to work then play in the puddles and got these great pictures. I am blessed to have the use of this 140 acre field less than 1/4 mile from my home. It's kind of like having my own private dog park and where I go quite often to train.
This isn't a pond, it's a big puddle. Just big enough to attract the ducks for a short while, then it's gone.
Laddie, one of my Welshmen, is like a big water buffalo. He just can't get enough water of any kind.
Part of the acreage is planted to Bermuda grass hay right now, which is good, because it eliminates the fox tails that will take over the 40 acres not planted, making it unuseable to me. Once harvested, we'll go back to the other end of the field. The Canadian Geese in this picture always visit this time of year. I work around them and watch them noisily flying in formation overhead. They are a joy.
This end of the field accomodates an outrun of about 400 yards give or take, so the dogs get a good airing out. But, honestly, it's so beautiful this time of year that we spend just as much time simply hanging out as we do working. In another few months it will be too hot to work many days, but right now So Cal has on it's Sunday best.

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