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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dear Dad

Tullia driving over the dead b... Digital ID: 1619862. New York Public Library

Picture courtesy of the New York Public Library
The era of his reign is decidedly BC and this is a picture of Servius Tullius, 6th legendary King of Rome, being run over by a chariot driven by his daughter, Tullia.

His 44 year rule was brought to a close in a conspiracy carried out by she and her husband, Tarquinius Superbus. Servius produced many good works during his time. He reformed the Roman army, transformed the Roman Constitution, initiated the first census, and supposedly built the Servian Wall around Rome, which was strong enough to repel Hannibal.

So what did he do to derserve such an ignoble end? Apparently his daughter was firmly entrenched in the patrician, or elite society, of which he ran afoul after currying favour with the impoverished plebs, so she killed him. Among his many other accomplishments, it's possible that Servius may have initiated that common institution we lovingly refer to as a dysfunctional family.

Happy father's day to all men out there with children who love you, whether they be natural, foster, adopted or step. Pay your child support with a smile on your face, kiss your kids and tell them that you love them. Cheers to you, have a beer on me, and may this day be good.

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