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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Couldn't resist

With the price of hay higher than I've ever known it in my entire life long, and with my own personal finances in the toilet, the last thing I needed was more sheep. Then I got an email from this little lady in Anza, California, who runs a flock of purebred Dorper Sheep. She is having a fire sale and offered to sell me as many of her latest lambs that I wanted and I could name the price. Now, come on, an hour and a half away, registered Dorper lambs at my price. Couldn't resist, went and bought some, and would have bought more, but like I said, finances are a little weak.

So, fresh off the trailer, here are 7 scrapie-free, registered, January and February ewe lambs checking out their new home. As you can see in the picture below, they are being checked out as well. Dexter is giving them the once-over and loudly...very loudly explaining the rules to them. They took it well and tolerated just as well an inspection by my horse, Alley Cat who wasn't sure what to make of them. They are smaller by half than my commercial Suffolk/Cheviot cross ewes that he likes and knows so well.

Star has been on hiatus for 2 weeks getting some richly deserved R and R, but he's going back to work tomorrow. Fresh sheep are just what he needs to provide a different challenge than that of my old school sheep that he practically knows by name. These lambs are light and trotty, and without a mature leader, they create a lot of motion in a hurry, which is just what Star needs to focus his attention.

I bought these lambs from Linda at Triple Cross Dorpers and they have more to sell if you are looking. Due to health issues she is liquidating their flock. They have rams, aged ewes and more lambs. As I said, health issues are driving the sale, so if you have a good dog, bring it. It would have been a much hotter, very frustrating day had Mirk not been along to help. After we finished, Linda said; "boy that sure is a good dog." Thank you, Linda, he sure is.

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  1. congrats on the purchase. I know zilch about sheep so I am going to believe you when you say you got a good deal.