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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Exuberance X Ten

This is Price playing in the hose. He'll be 10 in January. Not one to be too carefree, Price would never bring himself to catch a ball, chase a frisbee or fetch a stick, but water...well, that's his deal. In every other aspect of his long life, this dog is all business. His first and over riding desire is to work. Quite simply, it is the reason he is breathing in and out, except when I turn on the hose.
When he was younger I had to be careful of the other dogs, who could become overly excited by his manic pleasure. I was always concerned that their excitement could turn to aggression and I was watchful, so nobody got hurt. He has been top dog for so long now, that the subordinates would never dream of touching him, so I let him play.
This is the most fun Price and I have together when we're not working and I love to see him play in the hose. He is acrobatic in his attempts to catch the water. Since the lung lobectomy a couple years ago that compromised his wind, he doesn't play for long, but none of the enthsiasm has dissapated. He has to stop and catch his breath now, but he'll go on like this for as long as I can stand it.
The temperature here has been in the low 100's for the last week, so I'm watering every day, and Price is playing. You can see Star in the background observing the action, but nobody else enjoys getting wet the way this great old dog does. They scurry in the background, but Price remains center stage until he and the grass are soggy.
There's a lesson in all of this for me. You are never too old to be a little crazy or a lot joyful. And when it's over, go lay under the patio furniture.

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