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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Best Boots Evah!

I found them. Today I went online and I found the most-excellent, and my all-time, absolute favorite rubber boots. The venerable "Red Band" from New Zealand. They just had their 50th birthday you know. It has to be love to keep it together that long. If you've never had a pair, or even seen a pair, I recommend them highly. HIGHLY!

Kiwi, and dear friend, Julie Matthews had a pair that I always admired. So, when a friend of hers was coming to America for a visit, she had Sandra bring me a pair. So nice. And I loved them! Those of you who know me may have noticed that I'm small vertically challenged petite, OK... I'm short. What happens is rubber boots tend to hit me behind the knee. They're always too tall, which makes the boot slop around my leg, it's awkward, uncomfortable, and I hate them. I tried the uber-ugle "Muck Boot," which I can roll down, but they are the ugliest boot evah! Not that it matters when you're in mud up to your a**, but they're also kind of heavy too, especially when you're in mud up to your a**. More appropriate for a moon walk (no gravity) or some sedentary pursuit, like fishing. I threw mine out, or donated them to Good Will, or something.

My Red Bands are durable. I've had them for years, and they still look new...when they're clean. I most like the fact that I don't have to wear socks with them. Sometimes I'm in a hurry. They are that comfortable. They come just a short way above the ankle, which makes them easily slipped into. Plus you don't have to stoop to pull them off. You can simply kick them off, which is not only convenient, but v e r y satisfying after you've been out slugging through the goo with some stupid animal (sheep, steer, stupid animal du jour) that didn't know you were trying to save its life.

Skellerup makes them. Check 'em out. They won't due if you work in a swamp, but for wading out to the post, say at Zamora in a rainy year, they. are. perfect.

Caveat: If it's a monsoon year at Zamora, you will need a wet suit and scuba gear.

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