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After spending 2 years writing the Real Time Canine, the adventure continues with The Real Time Canine II. Read along as I look for just the right puppy to continue the experience. After false starts with Tim and Jed, I am currently training young Tam, and Spot, which are both off to a strong start. Please visit the RTC II to read about training sessions as they occur.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

SoHo Saga Day 2

A very wise man taught me to always remember what I did right. So, after my run today, when people asked me "how did you go?" I answered; " We had a really nice outrun and a very good shed. In short, you will not see Mirk nor I in the double lift on Monday, but we're all tuned up for Meeker next weekend. Mirkie left off on a great path for the outrun, then widened. I considered blowing a walk up after he disappeared over a low ridge to pull him in, but waited. I was looking lower on the hill when he showed up way above, landing short, but quite deep behind his sheep. A lot of dogs stopped short today, and I still haven't figured out why, but Mirk's lift was straight. Beyond that there was little of our run that I enjoyed until the shed. Long story short, we made 2 of 3 panels, timed out at the pen and scored one point better than yesterday with a 60. So it's all over for us but the re-hash... oh yeah, and Meeker next week. I figure we're just about tuned up now.

Jed's sire, Buzz, finishing with a 77 and a spot in the double lift

Tommy Wilson won with a 92, and a run that I didn't see, but heard much about. He and Sly have made another once in a lifetime run according to all accounts. I did see Lyle Ladd run her good dog, Shep, and it looked pretty close to perfect for 2nd place. But with an 82, it was well off the pace Tommy set, so I can only imagine how he went with Sly. Dennis Gellings qualified today with his old dog, Jan, which means that he and his wife, Jean, will be the first husband and wife team to make the SoHo finals together. Well done. I didn't see Mike and Berhow who finished 4th, but I did see Buzz and Suzi applegate finish for 5th place and the last qualifying spot. They did it with 2 missed panels, so that tells you how the rest of it went. Running before noon, they were also the last to qualify. Things got a little dicey after that, and it was every team for themselves as the day got hotter, the wind picked up, and the sheep quit trying.

View from the dog walk area looking through to spectator parking

Again today, I saw lots of great effort with no reward, and many of us back at handler's camp looking like the walking wounded.  The last run of the day saw Bruce Fogt and Wyn nearly complete a place-stealing run that ended in a grip at the pen. Bruce gets the heartbreak award, which should be donated by Suzi Applegate who hung on to today's last qualifying spot with Buzz as a result. She is the only hand so far with 2 dogs through to the finals.

Early morning spectators Tommy Wilson, Bruce Fogt,
Lyle Ladd and her husband Matt

"I'm here all weekend." That's what I was telling my fans who asked when I was coming back for another demo. Star and I are doing 2 shows daily through tomorrow and teaching spectators how to train a sheepdog. Star is doing his very best to go back to basics with me and show folks how we teach a dog to go left, go right, walk up, fetch, gather and drive. After this afternoon's 4 O'clock show, one lady said she would rather watch us than the dog trail, because I explained what was happening each step of the way. I appreciated that, and even more the fact that she said it in front of Howard Peterson, the venue's Director. I paid her later.

They only look adorable, don't be fooled. Spectator, Lee, Ron Enzeroth, Allen Mills and Ron Burkey

So just exactly where are all those other hands that we're used to seeing on the leader board? Well, many of them ate humble pie just like me. Unlike me, however, they all have a second dog to run, or a second run with their first dog, and another run. Not to worry, I'm sure they'll show up. You can't give that much talent 4 runs over 3 days with 2 dogs and not have at least most of them show up in the finals. And, Sunday is always the best day here. Not only are the sheep re-run, and always much better, but the weather is supposed to cool off. Yesterday a 72 won the day. Today 77 was the last score through to the finals, and tomorrow will be even tougher.

Jennifer Glenn with beauty Speck, a Maid/Don daugher, and beauty, Haley, a Bruce/Linda Fogt daughter

Star and I have 2 more demos to do tomorrow, and Star is hoping to get some exhaust time to practice up for his scheduled exhaust job at Meeker. Since I'm going to the Strang Ranch to teach a clinic between now and then, I might pull out tomorrow night to give myself plenty of time to get to Carbondale at 9am on tuesday morning. I'm undecided. No matter what I decide, I'll be here for tomorrow's running and will be reporting on all the qualifying runs. Except for the demos, all I have to do tomorrow is watch...oh yeah, and exhaust with Star.

Canadian, Joann Zoerb, and Alberto Stern from Lostallo Switzerland

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