The Real Time Canine II

After spending 2 years writing the Real Time Canine, the adventure continues with The Real Time Canine II. Read along as I look for just the right puppy to continue the experience. After false starts with Tim and Jed, I am currently training young Tam, and Spot, which are both off to a strong start. Please visit the RTC II to read about training sessions as they occur.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Live from the SoHo VIP Deck

OK, it's Sunday and I'm blogging live from the deck of the SoHo VIP area overlooking the field. I missed a lot of good running, but I'll be describing the runs I see, as I see them for a while here. I might even introduce a guest blogger. I may have to because I've got Jed with me, and he's just about irritated everyone with his antics. He's  have to banish him to the trailer

Don Helsley and Tag are cross-driving just now. Red Oliver is up next. This is the 3rd time round for many of the sheep and things are smooth and quiet for Tag. Bobble in front of the cross-drive, swift, clean shed. More oomph necessary at the pen, no time. 64

Red Oliver and Blaze. Oops missed it. And a couple more, but the good news is that my dogs are away, and my butt is glued to the chair from here on out. Or at least until my last demo at 4. The leader board hasn't changed since I left, so the runs I missed didn't make the cut. Stay Tuned.

Joseph Rais from Switzerland is on course and at the pen. I hope his outwork and drive were good. Oh, never mind. Grip at the pen.

JoAnn Zoerb, Bad luck retire. Bryn hist 'em hard on the lift and never was able to make it right.

Scott Glen and Don. A little tight on top, taking every whistle, Scott using his voice some. Wind is up and the sheep will change. Just missed the cross drive, but no fault of the dog. Loose turn, but the sheep don't like the crowds. You do the best you can. One ewe buggered off towards the draw on the first drive leg. No fault of the dog. Sheep are dicy. Don is doing all that is asked and doing it well. Nice save at the panel. Heavy right, then through. The cross drive is long today by virtue of the weather, not the distance. Sheep will not line out, no fault of the dog. Looks very familiar from my windy run yesterday. 6 minutes and counting. Worked hard and made the cross-drive. 4 minutes and counting. Scott-like shed, 3 minutes. Sheep cooperated at the pen, success. 77 and a new 4th place. Ron Burkey and Hank are bumped.

Suzi Applegate and Buzz. Wind is really getting up, but Buzz is already through. Buzz is away and wide. Dirt road is good, paved road is wide. Buzz chose pavement. Overshot, lost, Suzi is whistling. Slow to lift then they're running. 3/2 split back side of the panel, missed. No fault of the dog. Buzz is working well. 3/2 split below the panel and they're running. Blowing hard now. Made the turn, trying to split and Buzz is really having to work. Buzz just said, "mom just let me head 'em" Suzi said "absolutely not!" Missed panel inside. 6 minutes to play. Sheep won't line out, up then down. Made panel. 3:35.  Sheep tried him, but clean shed, 2 minutes to pen. Penned with 3 seconds left on the clock. Under such conditions, may be the best team effort at the pen I've ever seen. What. a. dog! 67

Tommy Wilson and Sly. Sly is running out perfectly. Never slowed on the lift, sheep in a hurry. Slowed at panel, missed right. Sly is already through as well. Practicing for tomorrow I suspect. Nice quiet turn. Exhaust draw is strong with these girls. Sly said "no" more than once. Masterful handler read and they're through. Almost missed low, then high, then through cross drive. 6:47.  Faultless shed, 4:50. Masterful job at the pen, 79 and even in altitude, heat and wind, Sly looks not to have turned a hair. So efficient. No movement in the leader board because is already in.

Faansie Basson and Don. Stopped way short, creeping, many re-directs. Quiet lift, but off line. Faansie having to add voice encouragement. Wide at the top of the fetch, then through. The draw is getting tougher. Overflanked, headed 'em on the drive away, then through. Sheep are happy with this dog. Quiet, but slow cross drive. 6:05 mid way. More encouragement applied and through. 5:09. Sheep grazing. Shed instantly, 3:11. Popped out from inside the pen gate. Argh! .58. Shook his stick at a break-away. Timed out at the pen. 65

Scott Glen and Don with a 77 are today's current 4th place qualifier, then Amanda/ Clive with 78, Wilda Bahr and Liz, 85, Dennis Gellings/Jake 86. Next to run, Bev with Nell, then Candy Kennedy and Berhow with Mike, that is already through.

Lyle Lad and Shep. Already through to the final. Shep took the dirt road all they way. Slowing and deep. Lift slightly off line, right, corrected, now sheep and dog are running off line right. Missed panel. Tight turn, but not quiet, then big draw exhaust. Sheep trotting uphill, bobble right, then through. 9:09. Sheep trotting across, high then low, then Lyle corrected. Low again then straight through. 8:03. Lyle and I both use interpretive dance in the shed ring. Took a minute to set it up then cleanly shed. 6:05. In the pen mouth, then a stand off with more interpretive dance, some rope waggling, a couple deep knee bends, then the sheep split up and left. 2:30. Start over, back to the mouth, handler dance, patient dog and pen success. 71

Beverly Lambert and Nell. Bev's Mirk is out of it, and Nell is not through. Nell is on the dirt path, running nicely. First time I've seen her. Stopped short, trotting. Lifted way off line, handler's right. Doing a good job of holding the fetch line once back on it, working way off her sheep. Nice. Panel success. All is nice and quiet, including Bev's whistles. Keen puppy, responsive. Quiet drive away, pause in front of the panel, dog cautious. A little work, then through. 7:14. Quiet sheep love this dog. Nell lost patience and gave 'em a bump without comment from the judge. Clean flanks to hold a nice line. Another pause at the panel. A more animated bump, 3 squirted through, 2 around the panel. 4:49. Bev couldn't shed running sheep. Missed attempt? Don't know. Got it finally with 1:52. Bev made her own luck at the pen for an 82 and a new third place qualifier. Not sure who she bumped from 5th place for the double lift, but Scott Glen is now in 5th for it with Don.

Candy Kennedy and Moss. Moss is trail blazing between dirt and paved road, then turned in for 7 re-directs and a steady. Sheep are running, hard right, dog chasing, now covering way wide. No chance at the panel. Sheep off line 2/3rds of the way down. Sheep drawing hard, dog had to head 'em to stop 'em. Moss stalled on the flank that would have saved the drive away line, but righted the sheep and made it. 7:35. Clean, square flanks, but cross-drive dropped way low. Again 2/3rds off line. Online, then low again then through. 5:51. Wild shed according to the announcer and off to the pen. 4:09. Dog made contact to stop sheep from escaping. Sheep very testy in the pen, but Candy muscled them in for a 67.

The wind is still blowing, and the storm is a-coming.

Berhow and Mike, already through. Slowing markedly at the top from the altitude I suspect, but what a nice lift. A bit left, but so quiet. A bit more left. Working way off quietly and sheep are happy. Toddled straight through the fetch panel, trotting easily. Classic Berhow. Stand off around the post, but this team has to hold against a persistent draw. Mike is surely patient. Sheep squirted and missed Cross-drive nicely completed, tight turn. Quick, clean shed, 1:06. At the pen, can he do it? Not today, no matter, he's already through. 70

Haley Howard and Ross. Ross goes dirt, pulls in, kicks out, stops a tiny bit short with a steady. Fetch is quiet and competent by both dog and hand. No problem. 2 sheep toddle off, but then 3 catch up. Patient dog, patient hand. Looking back for support, Ross is as good as he can be on the drive away. No problem here either. Very nice. 7:52 A bit of up and down on the cross drive, but pretty darned good all the way. Another easily negotiated panel. Last drive leg of drive on a string. 5:50 Shed, EZ, peazy. 4:14 At the pen, Haley worked it knowing her dog would hold his side, and he did. 89 points, a new winner on the day, a new finals qualifier, and Scott Glen is planning the next leg of his journey. He will be much missed in the final. Another gorgeous run by Haley and Ross.

Peter Gonnett and Dot. Outrun quick and clean with a hard bump on the lift. Sheep didn't like it. This dog replaced another that Peter planned to run that got hurt, and was working cattle last week. Through the panel with lots of impulsion. A strong dog being held back for success. Drive away well done, through, but then pulled back through. Straight downhill from the fetch line. Sheep still not happy with a little too much dog. I can hear Peter saying "lie down" and the cross-drive is missed. Lots of dog in the shed ring, but Peter finesses it. 3:11. Only a good cowboy like Peter could have gotten that pen with that dog with 3 seconds left on the clock. What a pleasure that was to see. 66

The bad news is that it's time for my next demo. I'm really enjoying this color commentary, and will continue if there's more to run afterward.


  1. thanks for the play by play, enjoying it!

  2. Only wish I could have done more. Might have a chance at Meeker. Thanks Robin, it was fun.