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Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm In!

'Da Dog
Mirk was my guy today, my big dog, 'da man! After a bit of a rough start in the semi-finals at Meeker, the dog hardly put a foot wrong. We managed the shed, pen, marked single finish without too much fuss, and I'm guaranteed a pay check tomorrow. Long story, short, we're running 6th tomorrow in the double lift finals.

The cut off for the double lift was 70, but I didn't know that when I went to the post. As it turned out I bumped Emil Ludecke's 70, and the cut off became 72 after my score of 80 was announced. 30 dogs ran today. Mirk finished 9th.

The day started with an RT and 2 DQs before the 1st score was obtained. Some familiar faces won't be seen this year, and I'm sorry to report that after qualiying 2 dogs in the semi's, we wont' be seeing Scott Glen tomorrow. Did I mention what a good sport he is? After his 2nd DQ he was heard in the grandstands making up words to a Dutch song to be played on the bag pipes..."I lost my wooden shoe in Amsterdam..." Berhow didn't make the cut with Pete and Mike gripped off at the pen. Good hands such as Dale Montgomery, Jim Swift, and Barbara Ray just didn't make the cut on ewes that would flight or fight depending on their feeling towards the dog.

Temps were cooler today, and the sky clouded up late this afternoon, just before my dead last run. As Mirk and I were greeting our supporters coming off the field, big, fat raindrops began to fall. I felt, rather than heard lightening while out at the post, and the thunder had begun just previous to our run. Good timing all around. Good time of day to run, good timing on the thunder and lightening, good timing on the rain. I couldn't have scripted it better.

I've hit the semi's a time or two, but it's been a while since I made the final cut. Price-less was 6th in 2007, and I lost a year here and there to circumstance after that. To come back with a different dog leading the way is a wonderful thing. I'm happy to report that Mirk and I have finally hit our stride together. It only took 4 years give or take. James Brown sang it best: "Ah feel good!"

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  1. Congrats, Amelia. Good luck tomorrow. But the most important thing is as you said, "Ah feel good." Such a good attitude you have about this whole game. I hope to meet you in person one of these years.