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Monday, September 12, 2011

Wrapping Up the Beginning

Hand's Meeting, Meeker Finals
Confused by the title of this post? I didn't know how else to combine the Double lift finals at Meeker with day 1 of the National Finals. If you do, please let me know. Yesterday was a big day for me. I ran Mirk in the 6th spot of the double lift, hooked up my trailer and pulled out immediately after the awards ceremony that I was absolutely blessed to take part in. I headed for Carbondale and the National Finals.

Currently, it's 8pm, and I'm sitting in front of a laundromat-liquor store doing my laundry after a full day of running the practice pens on Strang Ranch. I've been up since 5:30am, and my day was light compared to Bridget and Ellen. Their laundry is likely still sitting in a moldering heap somewhere.

The double lift. I'll make this short and sweet. I need international shedding lessons, a lot of them, and quickly. I looked like a monkey f'ing a football out there, and my score of 87 reflected that. As for Mirk, well, he needs to study up on a right-hand look back. I talked with a friend before my run about the possibility it would be problematic, and he suggested that I "pummel him back there." That's exactly what it felt like, and the points were flying off. Hey look, I made it through the prelims, semis and most of the double lift course minus the shed, pen finish. After 4 years of running my dog with little and no success, believe me when I tell you; "I'm OK with that." What a road it's been with my Mirkie!

Price-less volunteers
Look at my old-man working his heart out at the ripe old age of soon to be12 years old. In the close quarters of the practice set out pens, he was my best dog for the job, and worked beautifully all day long. Love that dog. Price and I were in charge up there with the help of some tireless, good-natured volunteers, Leslie and Jill. Thanks Women!

So people started arriving yesterday on Strang Ranch, and together with 850hd of trial sheep, 85hd of practice sheep, vendors, HA Directors, judges, and the like, we kicked things off in style. The grounds are beautiful, the hand's camp seems to be working, and everyone appears pretty happy. But then it's not even day 1 officially yet. Running starts tomorrow on the open field at 8am...or maybe it's 8:30. I'm short, and I was on the outside of a big circle of competitors that made up Hub Holmes handler's meeting. Anyway, I'll get there early just in case.

My Buddy, Octavio, mowing the shed ring
I run Mirk 19th tomorrow, and I'm counting on him not to have peaked at Meeker. He got the day off, a big breakfast, and the extra-large crate with the soft cushion. He'll be rested anyway. Honestly, I haven't even looked to see when I run Star, but it has to be either Wednesday or Thursday, with the nursery final on Friday. The open is a big course. It's not the biggest outrun I've seen at a finals, but it is every bit of the biggest drive I've seen, and the field itself looks grand.

Hub's handler's meeting
Uh-oh, the Econo-wash is closing soon, I'm running low on battery, and this excruciatingly slow I-net connection is making me crazy, so I'll write more when I have time. Yeah...that's going to happen. And, here's some random shots from today to tide you over. Cheers all. I'll report back later.

Beautiful volunteers at the practice pens
Volunteer lunch at the big house
Allen Hickenbottom and ??? Help me out here.
Joann Zoerb with Dick and Cheryl Williams

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  1. It looks like Thad Fleming to me in that picture with Allen.