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Monday, August 9, 2010

Little Green Cheerios

The little green "Os" pictured here are not for breakfast. They do not make a snap, crackle or pop unless you let 'em dry out, and then they just crack. And the instrument beside them looks like something you might use to blow up a balloon, but let me tell you, it would not be appropriate for a party.

The "Os" are castrating bands, or just bands, and the stainless steel contraption is the applicator, or the bander. I used them together today to cut short the tail and reproductive life of my lamb. I banded his tail and his testicles transforming him shortly into a nice-looking wether, or castrated male sheep.

The bander opens up the cheerio wide enough to be slipped around the tail and testicles, one band at each location. Then you simply close it up, slip off the band, and all's well that ends well, as they say. You can also use a knife, and I've seen tin snips used on tails, but this is a simple, no fuss method that causes no pain, no possibility of infection, and no stress.  Blood flow is cut off from the offending danglers, and within a few short weeks, they rot and fall off. It is my preferred method of neutering and beautifying sheep.

This is what the band looks like in place on the tail. I did not photograph the private parts, because this is, afterall, a family blog. And what of the lamb? How did he take it? Ok, here's the photographic evidence taken in the aftermath...

 First a little slurp...

 And then a little nap.

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